For this 34th edition of the national meetings of pastoralists, we invite you to discover these little-known areas of the Mediterranean Pyrenees in a massif dominated by collective summer pastures.
The NGO DRAGODID and the International Scientific Society for the Multidisciplinary Study of Dry Stone (S.P.S.) announce the holding of the XVII International Dry Stone Congress from 2 to 4 October 2020 in Croatia, hosted by the southern city of...
The Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Prime Minister's office (, is putting "POP", the open heritage platform, online in order to make French cultural heritage data accessible to as many people as possible.
The proceedings of the international symposium "Heritage in Motion. Between Preservation and Devotion", held on 27 and 28 April 2017 at the Institute of Artistic Heritage (IRPA) in Brussels, have just been published.

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